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    Luxurious elevator flat wagon

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    1.size: length:193cm   weight:64cm
    2.Height: 54~84cm
    3.Folding Angle on the back plate: 0-75 degrees.
    4.static load:250kg  safe working load:135kg
    5.The back lifter adopts controllable pneumatic springs to quickly adjust, and the weight of 250 cattle is in line with the backrest support weight of the human body.
    6.Overall lifting function, the stainless steel handle can be folded, the handle rotate clockwise, then the whole bed body rises. Otherwise, it goes down.
    7.The screw is durable with copper nut, so it needs strong load bearing capacity
    8.Double disc center control three-gear silent caster. Brake, universal, guide   three-gear control
    9.Luxury European-style hidden security guardrail, lengthened leg guardrail, more safety protection.
    1.The frame adopts high quality steel pipe 30*60*1.5mm
    2.The bed surface and guardrail adopt pp engineering plastic injection molding
    3.The triangle bracket adopts 2.5mm cold-rolled steel plate for one-time stamping forming
    4.Aluminum alloy track frame
    5.The screw adopts copper nut
    6.bed frame surface powder electrostatic spraying, gloss beautiful, clean and hygienic

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