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    The demand and reality of misplacement

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    With the improvement of social and economic development, more and more elderly people want to improve their quality of life in their old age. However, the old age service industry is seriously lagging behind with the personalized needs of the elderly. Most of the old-age care institutions in China can only provide basic life care services, professional medical care services, and the old service has been "unable to keep up with". The traditional culture has influenced most old people to choose to live in the old age.
    A surge in the demand for old-age service
    The electric nursing bed has a new opportunity
    According to data from China Aging Research Center, the number of elderly people who need medical care services will reach 40 million 330 thousand in 2020, and the demand is gradually increasing. The provision of medical care services for the elderly and companies with basic facilities and hardware and software will be the first to benefit.
    The rehabilitation nursing appliances, represented by hospital beds, are adopted by more and more families. Many families who have a half life and can not take care of themselves will buy a nursing bed like hospital beds to take care of the elderly, so as to facilitate the sitting and dining of the elderly.
    Many medical equipment manufacturers also see the business opportunity of the nursing bed in the household field, and develop and produce a multi function electric nursing bed with more function, more convenient use and more home. The old man can operate the function of the bed by the remote control. It is convenient for the old man to ease the family and the family. The intensity of nursing, some families are very tired by caring for the old people before the two.

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