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    Electric nursing bed can meet the needs of 40 million people for the aged

    release time2018-04-20viewed1372
    Nowadays, the small cotton padded jacket brand has produced voice controlled electric nursing bed and eye controlled nursing bed. It is more convenient to use the old man in bed, even if the hand can't be used by the remote control to control the function of the bed by talking and eye gaze. The small cotton padded jacket brand is going to launch a set of cloud service platform, which can monitor the elderly's blood pressure, heart rate and other physical state through the bed. Family members can understand the physical condition of the elderly through APP, and the management center can also monitor and put forward nursing advice according to the state of the elderly. This also represents the trend of the development of electric nursing beds, which will be more intelligent and provide more convenience for families needing medical care services.
    However, although the potential for the old-age consumption is huge, the contradiction is that the development of the local health industry is insufficient, the awareness of the people is low, and the level of industrialization is not enough. The function, quality and price of the nursing bed on the market are even more uneven. Many consumers are less aware of the electric care bed, and often buy products that "look similar" and low in price. After the actual use, it is found that the ideal nursing effect can not be achieved at all. Even when the motor is running, the noise of motor operation can not be used normally. Although the products at low prices look similar to the products with high price, they are actually very different. Consumers need careful screening when buying.
    The electric nursing bed produced by the regular brand has no doubt about the convenience of the disabled and the semi - lost people. It is the focus of the industry to improve the industrial level and enhance the people's cognition. Let everyone know that caring for the elderly with a variety of convenient products and to be widely used will greatly reduce the pension problem of the whole society, and this kind of old products will also become the new vents of the old-age industry.

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