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    Intelligent elderly care bed is a new favorite

    release time2018-04-22viewed2027
    The traditional pension mode is far from enough to meet the increasing trend of aging in China, and the pension problem is looking for a breakthrough. With the continuous development of Internet plus and growth of pension industry has also ushered in a new development opportunity, the silver economy spawned countless intelligent pension needs, Internet plus smart pension, intelligent big data and cloud computing and wearable devices, intelligent detection equipment and other new try out, science and technology innovation has become a push The concept of intelligent pension has become a new future for the development of the pension industry.
    The realization of intelligent smart pension, pension life, is the inevitable choice for the development of big data and Internet plus age pension industry. Through the Internet of things technology, the elderly people's life in contact with facilities or equipment to connect, collection and transmission of the elderly life data, remote monitoring of the life of the elderly and the formation of a complete database and so on. Compared with the traditional mode of providing for the aged, intelligent endowment is safer and more convenient, which makes up for the potential danger caused by inadequate guardianship.
    If we want to solve the "old" problem of the old age, we must rely on the "new" method brought by science and technology. Intelligent pension not only reduces the burden of manpower, material and financial resources in the traditional mode of providing for the aged, but also makes the life of the elderly more convenient and safe. I believe that in the future, the increasingly rich and constantly upgrading smart endowment products will make the life of the elderly more colorful.

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