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    Multifunctional nursing bed to help the elderly in bed to achieve high quality nursing

    release time2018-04-23viewed1919
    (1) how to protect the safety of the elderly during sitting up.
    Many old people stay in bed for a long time, causing the body to have no strength. In the process of sitting, the body can not sit on the side of the body, and in the process of sitting, the old man's body is easy to go down and do not get the original position. In view of the present situation of nursing, many common multi function nursing beds can not solve the nursing. The small cotton padded jacket multi-function nursing bed has the advantages of anti slide and anti skid function such as sitting up, which is convenient for the elderly in bed.
    (2) how to turn over the bed - bedridden old man
    The small cotton padded jacket multifunctional nursing bed can realize the function of turning the left and right sides of the whole body, and slightly adjust the arms and legs of the elderly in the process of turning over. The side turn over the maximum angle of 30 degrees, the human body will not fall down to the bed, the hands and feet will not be stuck or clamped, through scientific calculation and safety testing, and all the users in the country. Nurses will be more comfortable to help and adjust their posture. The side turn is only the button operation or the set automatic timing program. When the side lies over, the body will not fall under the bed even if the two sides of the guardrail are folded under the mattress.
    (3) how to make it easier to get up and down
    Daily care of the elderly is generally held in a wheelchair or other place, which can easily lead to impaired waists, the elderly are also uncomfortable, and increase the labor force. And the small cotton padded jacket multi-function nursing bed can increase the fixed displacement machine can easily solve the problem of the old man to get out of bed, and convenient for users to change the sheets, cleaning the hip and other daily work.

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