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    Show you a better home care bed

    release time2018-04-30viewed1866
    Are you still worrying about caring for the disabled elderly in bed? Why don't you choose a better nursing bed to help yourself take care of the elderly?
    Whether you are still in the use of ordinary nursing bed, are you still annoyed at the inaccuracy of stool, or whether it is still worrying about sliding on both sides of the old man in bed when the old man is in bed, whether the old man can't turn over the bedsore at night and worry, whether or not it is still annoying for the incontinence of the incontinence for the elderly. For the elderly waist injury, can not use the nursing bed and worry? Have you ever considered whether a nursing bed can solve these troubles?
    The sitting function is a function of every home care bed, but the old man is prone to fall and slide down on both sides when the old bed is used, especially in a hemiplegic old man, and the back function of the nursing bed is slowly closer to the middle space while the back of the bed is on the back. The bedplate below the buttocks slowly lifting a certain angle, can prevent the hemiplegic elderly in the process of sitting in the process of the body to both sides to fall and slide down.
    The function of the size and stool is also an indispensable function for a lot of disabled people in bed. Many families who have used ordinary nursing beds will complain about the function that the old people are not able to have holes in their stool and open the speed too slowly. The opening speed of the nursing bed is only 5 seconds. It is the 1/3 of the opening speed of the nursing bed on the market, and the bed board and the bedplate raised at the bottom of the hips on both sides of the position and stool can make the old man's buttocks directly aligned with the stool, so that the old man can be convenient for the size and the stool. The function of the urine wet induction is to solve the problem of the incontinence of the elderly. After the induction of the cushion to the humidity, the toilet can automatically open and alarm at the same time, so that the nursing staff can no longer worry about the need to wash the sheets for the old people every day.
    Many people are worried about the loss of bedsore due to the inability to turn over in bed, even if there is a nursing bed in the home that can only solve the problem of daytime turn over, it is still impossible to turn over the body in the night, and even the bed can only be turned over and often put the bedding in the bed, so many people feel the function of turning over the body. It's a "chicken ribs" function. The turn over function of nursing beds is not a function of "chicken ribs", but a very practical function. First of all, the turn over function of the home care bed is the whole body turn over. This way of turning over the bed must not be stuck in bed, and the home care bed can not only turn over the remote control automatically, but also can turn over the whole body regularly. The time for the old man to sleep at night can effectively prevent the bedsore from happening.
    The home care bed in the market seems to be the same. In fact, there are great differences between the seemingly small details in the actual nursing process. While choosing a nursing bed without the best choice but a choice that is the best for the elderly, for example, some families only need to solve the problem of the old man's turn over, then only need to give the elderly the best turn over function. Some old people are incontinence, so it is sure to choose an automatic potty function. If the family is allowed, you can buy a nursing bed with the function of inductive automatic bedpan.
    It is the first factor to use the home care bed to care for the elderly in bed, and the good use of the nursing bed. A good nursing bed can not only reduce the labor intensity of the nursing staff, but also give the elderly a good rehabilitation environment and prevent the occurrence of complications.

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